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Anybody aiming to kick start an online business, whatever that may entail, from selling products online to advertising somebody else's, there are things you need to think about. The number one thing to think about is how you will attract people to your site. The best way to go about this is by thinking logically how most people find websites these days, the answer is clear, they use search engines. Search engines work using keywords, the words you search for are compared to every website that is indexed in that search engine and the ones that most closely match your search are presented to you.

The best way to get ahead with your online business is finding a way to get your page ranked highly in that list, the main aim is for people who search for keywords to do with your business be given your website as the number one result. For example say you rent luxury cars, you will want anybody who searches for 'rent luxury cars' to be directed to your site. This is achieved using search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

One way to go about improving your SEO is by writing numerous articles that are relevant to your business and are interesting for possible clients to read, then submit these to various article directories. Continuing with the luxury car rental example, people who are looking to rent luxyry cars will be interested in reading reviews which are suitable for luxury car informations. If the keywords for your site is 'Miami luxury car rentals' or 'luxury cars performance' then include these keywords several times throughout each article you write, end each article with a link to your website as well, these links are known as 'backlinks'. Search engines index articles like this throughout the internet and thanks to the backlink to your site they will attribute each article and keyword to your site. The more backlinks you have and original unique articles, the higher your website will rank in search engines when people search for your particular keywords.

As you can see, keywords are very important, for this reason you must ensure you are using the best keywords for your business. You do this by researching your keywords in relevance to your market, this way you will find which are the best and most likely to bring in the right kind of customer. Bear in mind that competition on the web is fierce, it can be easy to think up common keywords for your particular market however every other person out there in the same market will be using these keywords as well, they will also likely have better SEO than you and some of them will be established in the market and therefore more popular.

However the reverse is also true, you shouldn't use completely unique keywords because there is a reason nobody else is using them, unless of course your particular market is an incredibly rare niche. The ideal thing to do is find keywords that have less competition but are still likely to be used by potential customers. If you go for incredibly rare keywords you will likely not get any customers while if you try and compete with the most popular keywords you will be fighting an uphill struggle. So, going for a middle ground is your best option.

SEO can be carried out in more ways than simply article marketing. You can register for various forums that are relevant to your market and start participating in discussions on them, just remember to place the link to your site in your forum signature. This works in two ways, firstly you create a backlink thanks to your forum signature and secondly you establish yourself in the relevant field as somebody who knows what they are talking about, this lets people become aware of you. When you prove that you know what you are talking about, people will begin to have faith in what you say and therefore listen to anything you may suggest they purchase. You can also carry out search engine optimization by paying attention to the meta tags on each page of your website, add keywords and help your site get recognized by search engines.

SEO can be done incorrectly which will lower your chances of bringing in traffic to your site, so be cautious that what you are doing is for the good of your site. One technique some people employ is adding countless keywords throughout their site but in the same color as the background, this way nobody can see the keywords and yet they are all there. This may have worked once but modern search engines have grown accustomed to such tactics and if you have too many keywords without enough content, it will be marked as spam and ignored. This applies to articles also, so don't place too many keywords in your articles otherwise it will appear as spam, so make sure you have a good amount but not too many. You will have to make sure your articles are all unique, if you just submit the same article 30 times it won't do you any good.

So, if you intend to start an internet business you need to think about your search engine optimization. SEO doesn't need to cost you a lot of money, as you can see there are methods you can use that will cost you nothing but your own time. If you don't have the time to spend on SEO and writing articles, you can always pay others to do it for you. This can be a good way to keep a continual rotation of fresh material on the web and therefor improving your SEO and chances of catching the attention of customers, without needing to spend hours and hours of your own time doing so.

When done correctly, SEO will not only bring you in some targeted traffic but will also help you get your name out there while allowing you to become a trusted spokesman for whatever market it is you are in. Stay active on forums as an expert while continually producing short interesting and relevant articles. Good SEO is one of the biggest things you need to think about if you want to be successful online, make yourself known as a trusted expert while churning out relevant articles and you are on your way to profits.

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